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Gluten intolerance is actually a subset of conditions that cause GI and non-GI symptoms. If you react badly to food products containing gluten, you should get tested for celiac disease before you start on a gluten-free diet. About half of the people who switch to gluten-free diets do so without medical supervision or confirmed diagnoses. In addition, research suggests that people diagnosed with hepatitis B in Lake Forest and many other places may also have gluten intolerance or celiac disease that has been triggered by hepatitis B.


Gluten intolerance does not necessarily mean that you have celiac disease, and you should not switch to a gluten-free diet unless you have a confirmed diagnosis. Celiac disease is a problem because gluten triggers an abnormal immune response that damages the small intestines in those patients.

Celiac disease is associated with many other medical conditions, such as diabetes, infertility, hepatitis B, pancreatitis, iron deficiency anemia (pernicious anemia), acne, seizures, etc. If you have hepatitis B, it may be triggering your gluten intolerance. Although it may be less common, it is still an important association that should not be ignored

At Digestive Disease Consultants of Orange County, we can determine whether you have celiac disease, a gluten problem or hepatitis B in Lake Forest, with endoscopic biopsies – the “gold standard” for diagnosis. We are one of the only digestive practices with a Registered Dietitian (RD) on staff to support your treatment plan. Our staff dietitian will work with you to make necessary changes in your diet.

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