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How much more confident would you feel about yourself if you were not overweight or suffering with obesity? Have you tried dieting and exercise, yet have not been able to achieve sustained weight loss? Our new, FDA-approved, nonsurgical procedures and weight loss programs in Huntington Beach, Tustin, Irvine and Lake Forest promise to help you reshape your body safely and effectively in one year. We are one of very few weight loss programs in Huntington Beach offering the new, state-of-the-art gastric balloon procedure.

The gastric balloon weight loss programs in Huntington Beach, Irvine, Lake Forest and Tustin are partnerships between you, our physicians and our Registered Dietitian (RD) for 12 months. The gastric balloon procedure only takes a few minutes to perform with no hospital stay, incisions, scars or alteration to the digestive system. An FDA-approved gastric balloon system is placed in the stomach. The balloon can be left in place for up to six months while you work with our team of physicians and RD to change your lifestyle. After six months, the gastric balloon is deflated and easily removed.

According to randomized, multicenter clinical trials in the United States, balloon-assisted weight loss procedures produced more weight loss, easier weight loss maintenance and improved overall health in study participants.

Turn your hope into success

Here’s how the gastric balloon surgery is different from other weight loss methods and procedures:

  1. Balloons are filled with saline or gas and placed temporarily inside your stomach through your mouth. The balloons “fill” your stomach so you feel satisfied with much smaller food portions – a jump-start for your weight loss.
  2. You receive a full year of personalized coaching from our physicians and staff RD to support your success and help you make the changes that will lead you to a healthier, more satisfying life.
  3. You experience clinically proven weight loss, dramatically improved health and a much happier life.

Discover leading-edge gastroenterology care. We offer relief to patients from Huntington Beach, Irvine, Lake Forest, Newport Beach, and Tustin. Come visit us at our Irvine, Huntington Beach or Tustin location. Call 949.612.9090 or use or convenient Request an Appointment form.


Patient Reviews

From the time I walked in through the doors and spoke to the receptionist and until the time I left the was 5 STAR!!!Every person I came in contact with was polite, friendly and professional!! They put me at ease without hesitation. From the receptionist, the 3 nurses in pre-op, the surgical nurse, the tech assisting in the surgical room and the all were AWESOME!!!! Thank you for making my experience a great one!!

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