Single-Balloon Enteroscopy & Small-Bowel Enteroscopy Treatment - Orange County

Small-Bowel Treatment Without Surgery

Known as single-balloon assisted, deep small-bowel enteroscopy, this procedure uses a small camera (flexible endoscope) inserted down the throat with the assistance of a balloon. This type of enteroscopy is often needed to evaluate persistent bleeding of unknown cause and other conditions. This new technology and improved endoscopic evaluation have given us the necessary tools to explore the small bowel more completely.

Evaluation of the small bowel used to be difficult due to its length, winding shape and limited endoscopic access. That’s why small-bowel diseases have been difficult to diagnose. Too many patients have been subjected to multiple tests and poor clinical outcomes.

Single-balloon, deep small-bowel enteroscopy has made it possible for complete small-bowel evaluation and therapeutic intervention without surgery. It has also resulted in improved evaluation of small-bowel lesions and management of small-bowel hemorrhage.

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Patient Reviews

From the time I walked in through the doors and spoke to the receptionist and until the time I left the was 5 STAR!!!Every person I came in contact with was polite, friendly and professional!! They put me at ease without hesitation. From the receptionist, the 3 nurses in pre-op, the surgical nurse, the tech assisting in the surgical room and the all were AWESOME!!!! Thank you for making my experience a great one!!

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